Friday, November 29, 2013

2014 Jackson Cuda 14

I just picked up my newest kayak the 2014 Jackson Cuda 14 with a rudder in Yellow Jacket.  This is a sweet looking kayak for sure!  This is the replacement for my 2012 Cuda 14 and it surely has some nice feature upgrades.  Check out the video below for a quick overview of before and after I rigged it.  If interested in this boat Shank's Mare Outfitters can order one for you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Off Season Kayak Fishing Training

Although I kayak fish year round my time on the water significantly slows down in the colder months November through February.   One question I get a lot is what do I do in my time in the winter when I'm NOT on the water.  Well the answer is pretty simple.  I train for the next kayak season!  What do I mean I train?  Well in the "off" season I'm in the gym five days a week preparing my body for next year.  Here is brief breakdown of what I do.

Wednesday-Back and Biceps

By no means am I a body builder, or even overly strong.  However I do consider myself in shape and fit.  Now how does this translate to kayak fishing you may ask?  Honestly it translates quite a bit.  Lets start generic and just talk about upper body.  How does training my upper body help?  Several ways!  First it helps me load the kayak!  As most of you know fishing kayaks are NOT light.   I've had kayaks in the 60lb range to the 100lb range.  Obviously the stronger and more in shape you are the easier it will be to load these heavier kayaks.  Sticking with upper body, lets talk about paddling!  I'm not trying to be a "hulk" but it certainly does help with paddling stamina.  The more in shape your upper body is the longer you'll be able to spend on the water.  Your muscles just won't tire as easy!  And if any fishes with me they know I like to spend 8 + hours on the water in the summer time.

Next lets talk about lower body or LEGS!  You don't peddle a Hobie and wonder how legs go into kayaking?  Easy!  Ever heard the saying lift with your legs and not your back?  Strong legs will certainly help you load your kayak on top of your vehicle.  Also I've been known to have some long drags over rough terrain to get to some of those sweet spots of fishing.  I don't want to have to stop every three seconds to take a break.

Nothing to do this off season and kayak is already hung up in the garage for the winter?  Hit the gym, work out at home, stay active.  Whatever fits your lifestyle, any workout is better than no workout at all.  Take some of this down time and prepare yourself for longer days of fishing for next summer!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cold Weather Kayaking

A recent discussion I've seen all around different forums and social media sites in the kayaking world is cold water safety.  I decided to team up with one of my sponsors at Shank's Mare Outfitters and make a small video session on proper gear in cold water.  After you watch these videos the biggest thing to take away from all of this is do not go out in conditions above your skill level even if you have the newest, best, and most expensive gear.  In cold water conditions mistakes happen and people don't always make it home.  Even I stay off the water from time to time.  This is a topic that we will expand on and have more videos on as well in the future.  In the following videos you will see Kyle, myself, and Devin all discuss parts of this important topic.  Be smart, be safe, and always have fun.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Fishing

I just got back from a spot I hit last week.  It's definitely a hidden little gem but its a hike with a kayak to get back into it.  Last week I had about 7 bass at this lake but somehow I managed to delete the gopro footage before I made a video of it.  So in my mind I had to get back to make a video of this amazing place to paddle.  The air was cold today, the water was below 50 degrees, and it was windy.  Not my ideal fishing but I still managed to get on some fish.  I landed around 6 bass and 1 pickeral.  All my fish were caught today on butter-it baits.  Check out the video!

And don't forget to check out Shank's Mare Outfitters for Jackson Kayaks and Werner Paddles!!