Monday, December 2, 2013

Breaking in the Cuda

Took the brand new Jackson Cuda 14 out for a paddle today.  Weather was decent for December.  No winds, relatively warm at 39 degrees and 38 degree water temp.  The bite was slow but I did manage to land one pig at 19" and lost three others next to the boat.

On to the boat!  The Cuda paddles the same as expected as my last Cuda did.  Some features I really fell in love with on the water is the lumber support, the new center hatch, and my rudder add on this year.  In the old seat I would occasionally get a stiff back after a long day on the water.  I spent 6 hours in the kayak today and had ZERO back issues.  The new center hatch is probably my favorite change to the new cuda.  In the past it was difficult to open both straps on the hatch without crawling up the boat some and I rarely used it on the water.  Today I found myself in the new hatch at least nine or ten times getting things in and out of it.  It was easily the best upgrade that has been done to this boat.  Lastly the rudder, although not new to this year I didn't have one last year and used it alot while drift fishing today.  Here is a short video of the day.  

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