Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Update

No new videos but I wanted to update everyone on what I have been up to and what's going on in the near future.  I've been doing a little fishing here and there but nothing intense.  I have pulled out a few small bass but nothing picture worthy for sure!  Water temps are still cold most of the days I manage to get out which has the bite super slow.   Give it a month and it should be hot and heavy for sure!!

Coming up though I will be at the Shank's This runs May 10th and May 11th.  I will be there all day on the 10th to answer any kayak fishing questions as well as questions about Jackson Kayaks and Werner Paddles.  Stop by on Saturday and hang out and test some new kayaks and paddles out!

The following weekend is the meet and greet for Central PA Heroes on the water which will also take place at Shank's Mare Outfitters at 1pm.  If anyone is interested in being a volunteer or a participant as a veteran at these events shoot me an email at centralpa@heroesonthewater.org.

I'll have more updates with videos soon!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Susky Flats

I recently made it down to the third annual Susquehanna Flats Jamboree.  Man what a great event.  This weekend is all about one thing which is raising money for the local Heroes on the Water Chapters.  There were well over 100 people who showed up to support this.

This is my first time fishing down at the flats and my fishing partner and myself scouted the area out and chose to fish Furnace Bay since it would be sheltered from the wind more than the flats, and we also had some good intel telling us there were bass in that area.  We fished Friday and Saturday in the bay but were unable to find any bass.  However I discovered I really didn't care much about the bass since I found lots of carp and started to hook into them.  I landed 3 total fish but had a lot of other hookups that I did not as well.

As much fun as I had fishing for these carp the best part about this trip though was the people.  I met some awesome people on this trip and spent time with old friends as well.  It was non stop laughter on and off the water.  Next time you see the Werner Paddles rep make sure you ask her about the pair of bald eagles she saw ;).  I'll be back next year for sure!  Enjoy the video and I'll throw some pictures in as well.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jackson Coosa Walk Through and Rigging

I recently picked up a 2014 Jackson Coosa from Shank's Mare.  I brought it home in a snowstorm and since I wasn't able to get out and fish I took it right into the house for some rigging.  As this is my river boat I kept it fairly simple as this boat is already designed to fish on the river.

From the start Jackson gives you two rod holders a ram tube jr. and a 2007 ram holder that you can screw on the boat with ram balls that are also supplied.  With this already done I had few modifications to make.  Below is a video of what I did to the kayak to get it ready for spring time!